Computer Science Classes

Course Title Terms Offered
CS-090 Computers for New Users Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-091 Computers for New Users II Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-092S Comp. for New Users, Spanish Not offered every term
CS-093S Comp. for New Users II, Spanish Not offered every term
CS-094S Database & Web Design, Spanish Not offered every term
CS-120 Survey of Computing Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-120S Survey of Computing Seminar Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-121 Computer Applications not offered every year
CS-125H HTML & Website Design Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-125P Computer Publishing Not offered every year
CS-133S Introduction to JavaScript & Server-side Scripting Winter
CS-133VA Visual Basic for Applications Spring
CS-133VB Visual Basic.NET I Fall/Winter/Spring
CS-135DB Microsoft Access Fall/Spring
CS-135I Advanced Web Design with Dreamweaver Fall/Spring
CS-135S Microsoft Excel Fall/Winter/Spring
CS-135W Microsoft Word Winter
CS-140 Introduction to Operating Systems Fall/Spring
CS-150 Computer Technician Orientation Fall/Spring
CS-161 Computer Science I Fall
CS-162 Computer Science II Winter
CS-179 Networking I Winter
CS-195 Flash Web Development Winter
CS-225 Computer End User Support Fall
CS-227 Computer Hardware & Repair I Fall
CS-228 Computer Hardware & Repair II Winter
CS-229 Networking II Spring
CS-233VB Visual Basic.NET II Not offered every year
CS-234A AJAX Web Development Spring
CS-234P PHP/MySQL Web Development Spring
CS-240L Linux Administration Spring
CS-240M MacOS Administration Winter
CS-240W Windows Desktop Administration Winter
CS-244 (Not at CCC) Systems Analysis Spring
CS-245 (not at CCC) Project Management-Info Syst Winter
CS-275 Database Design Winter
CS-276 (Not at CCC) Advanced SQL Fall
CS-279W Windows Server Administration Spring
CS-280 Computer Science CWE Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
CS-284 Network Security Winter
CS-288W Windows Network Administration Winter
CS-289 Web Server Administration Spring
CS-297N Network Capstone Spring
CS-297W Website Capstone Spring
CW-050 MS Office Workshop