MSDN Academic Alliance


The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a resource for Computer Science students to access Microsoft® software needed for their classes. ELMS is the distribution management system for MSDNAA software.

Who qualifies for MSDNAA software?

A qualifying student is one who:

Is currently enrolled in at least one class offered by the Computer Science department. Class must be at or above CS-121.
Has declared a major in an associate or certificate program offered by the Computer Science department.
Has declared a major in the Computer Science transfer program.

How do I get an account?

Contact Eric McBride, MSDNAA Administrator, by email ( and use 'Imagine and/or VMWare' for the subject. Provide your name, student ID #, e-mail address, and the Computer Science classes you are currently taking. You will be notified by an e-mail from ELMS Support when this process is completed.

How do I get the software?

Log in to the ELMS e-academy web site. At the time of your first log in, complete your MSDN profile and change your password. Click on the Software icon to search by software title or to view a drop-down list of available titles.

What about product keys?

If a product key is needed, it will be included in the download process. It will also be stored in your ELMS profile.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact Eric McBride with additional questions.