Word 2003 Intermediate

CW-054B Word 2003 Intermediate

Synopsis: Designed for the student who is proficient using Microsoft Word to create, format, save and print basic documents. Course introduces working sections, columns and tables; using styles, graphics and templates; using headers and footers.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Word 2003 Basic class or equivalent experience.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware will be provided at the first class.

  1. Working with sections and columns
    1. Creating and formatting sections
    2. Working with multiple columns
    3. Working with text in columns
  2. Formatting tables
    1. Table formatting basics
    2. Borders and shading
    3. Table AutoFormat
    4. Drawing tables
  3. Working with Excel data
    1. Importing data and creating charts
    2. Performing calculations in tables
    3. Linking and embedding data
  4. Working with styles
    1. Creating styles
    2. Modifying and deleting styles
    3. Navigating in large documents
  5. Headers and footers
    1. Different headers and footers
    2. Page numbering
  6. Printing labels and envelopes
    1. Labels and envelopes
  7. Working with graphics and objects
    1. Working with graphics and clip art
    2. Inserting WordArt and symbols
    3. Customizing the background
    4. Using drawing tools
  8. Document templates
    1. Template basics
    2. Creating templates
  9. Managing document revisions
    1. Tracking changes in a document
    2. Working with comments
    3. Comparing document versions