Windows Vista/Internet Explorer 7.0

CW-050 Windows Vista/Internet Explorer 7.0

Synopsis: This class is for the student whose goal is to become proficient using the Windows Vista operating system and Internet Explorer 7.0.

 Prerequisite: The ability to use the keyboard and mouse.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware to be provided at first class.

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Windows Vista

  1. Get started with Windows Vista
    1. Exploring the Windows Vista Screen
    2. Personalizing the Desktop
    3. Adding and Removing Gadgets from the Windows Sidebar
  2. Use the Start Menu and Manage Windows
    1. Using the Start Menu
    2. Adding Shortcuts to the Start Menu and the Desktop
    3. Minimizing, Maximizing, and Restoring a Window
  3. Resize, Move, and Scroll Windows
    1. Previewing the Contents of the Taskbar
    2. Cascading and Stacking Windows
    3. Resizing, Moving, Scrolling and Closing Windows
  4. Create, Move and Rename Folders
    1. Opening and Navigating Windows Explorer
    2. Creating a New Folder
    3. Moving and Renaming Folders
  5. Copy, Move, Rename and Delete Files
    1. Copying Files
    2. Moving, Renaming and Deleting Files
    3. Compressing Files
    4. Capturing an Image of a Screen
  6. Find Files and Folders
    1. Adding Descriptions and Tags to Files
    2. Finding Files and Folders and Creating a Search Folder
  7. Use Vista Help

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Internet Explorer 7.0

  1. Start Internet Explorer 7.0 and Identify Screen Elements
  2. Navigate the Internet
    1. Performing Commands Using the Toolbar
    2. Accessing Web Sites from the Address Bar
    3. Opening a Second Web Site
    4. Displaying Web Pages with Hyperlinks
    5. Using Internet Explorer History
  3. Create and Manage Favorites
    1. Adding an Address to the Favorites List
    2. Displaying a Favorite Web Site
    3. Deleting a Web Address from Favorites
  4. Search the Internet
  5. Save and Print Web Pages
    1. Downloading and Saving a Web Page
    2. Downloading and Saving Graphics from a Web Page
    3. Printing Web Pages
    4. Printing Web Graphics
    5. Printing Selected Text from Web Pages