PowerPoint 2007 Intermediate

CW-055B PowerPoint 2007 Intermediate

Synopsis:This course broadens the scope of presentation design by adding multimedia, charts and graphs, and exploring slideshow features. Students should be proficient in using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to build, design, format, save and deliver basic presentations.

Prerequisite:Successful completion of PowerPoint 2007 Basic class or equivalent experience.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware will be provided at the first class.

Chapter 1 PowerPoint Multimedia Tools

  1. Insert and modify a picture
  2. Use the Internet as a resource
  3. Create a Photo Album
  4. Set Photo Album options
  5. Insert movies
  6. Set movie options
  7. Add sound
  8. Record and play narration

Chapter 2 Charts and Graphs

  1. Create a poster or a banner
  2. Create and insert a table
  3. Design a table
  4. Apply a table style
  5. Change table layout
  6. Share information between applications
  7. Identify chart types and elements
  8. Create and insert a chart
  9. Change a chart type
  10. Change the chart layout
  11. Format chart elements

Chapter 3 Presentation Customization

  • Modify handout and notes masters
  • Create and modify slide masters
  • Customize a color scheme
  • Create a custom template
  • Apply a custom animation
  • Apply a custom slide show
  • Run and navigate a custom slide show
  • Designate and display hidden slides