Excel 2007 Basic

CW-052A Excel 2007 Basic

Synopsis: This class is for the student whose goal is to become proficient using Microsoft Excel to create simple worksheets and charts that will be used for internal reports and data tracking.

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of the Window operating system and the use of the keyboard and mouse.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware will be provided at the first class.

Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

  1. Create a Worksheet and Chart Data
    1. Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook
    2. Enter and Edit Date in a Worksheet
    3. Construct and Copy Formulas, Use the Sum Function, and Edit Cells
    4. Format Data, Cells, and Worksheets
    5. Close and Reopen a Workbook
    6. Chart Data
    7. Use Page Layout View, Prepare a Worksheet for Printing and Close Excel
  2. Calculations and Make Comparisons by Using a Pie Chart
    1. Design a Worksheet
    2. Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations
    3. Format Percentages and Move Formulas
    4.  Create a Pie Chart and Chart Sheet
    5. Use the Excel Help System

Chapter 2 Managing Workbooks and Analyzing Data

  1. Create a Summary Sheet from Multiple Worksheets
    1. Create and Save a Workbook from an Existing Workbook
    2. Navigate a Workbook and Rename Worksheets
    3. Enter Dates, Clear Contents, and Clear Formats
    4. Move, Copy, and Paste Cell Contents
    5. Edit and Format Multiple Worksheets at the Same Time
    6. Create a Summary Sheet
    7. Format and Print Multiple Worksheets in a Workbook
  2. Growth Projection
    1. Design a Worksheet for What-If Analysis
    2. Perform What-If Analysis
    3. Compare Data with a Line Chart

Chapter 3 Using Functions and Tables

  1. Track Inventory by Using Math, Logical, and Statistical Functions and by Creating an Excel Table
    1. Use SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX Functions
    2. Use COUNTIF and IF Functions, and Apply Conditional Formatting
    3. Use a Date Function
    4. Freeze Panes and Create an Excel Table
    5. Format and Print a Large Worksheet
  2. Make Financial Decisions by Using Financial Functions and What-If Analysis
    1. Use Financial Functions
    2. Goal Seek
    3. Create a Data Table