Access 2007 Intermediate

CW-056B Access 2007 Intermediate

Synopsis: Designed for the student who understands the basics of creating simple databases, this course introduces skills for using PivotTables and PivotCharts, Protecting Data, and Advanced Queries.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Access 2007 Basic class or equivalent experience.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware will be provided at the first class.

Chapter 1 PivotTables and PivotCharts

  1. Create a PivotTable view
  2. Calculate aggregate statistics
  3. Modify a PivotTable
  4. Select an appropriate chart type
  5. Edit a PivotChart
  6. Create calculations in a PivotTable

Chapter 2 Data Protection

  1. Establish data validity
  2. Create and modify a lookup field
  3. Create and modify a multivalued lookup field
  4. Work with input masks
  5. Create forms by using the Form Tool
  6. Create custom forms in Design view
  7. Create subforms
  8. Design functional formats

Chapter 3 Advanced Queries

  • Maintain databases with action queries
  • Update data with an update query
  • Add records to a table with an append query
  • Create a table with a make table query
  • Delete records with a delete query
  • Provide flexibility with a parameter query
  • Summarize data with a crosstab query
  • Find unmatched records with a query
  • Find duplicate records with a query