Access 2007 Basic

CW-056A Access 2007 Basic

Synopsis: This class is for the student whose goal is to become familiar with database concepts and objects and become proficient using Microsoft Access to create simple database structures.

Prerequisite: A general understanding of the Window operating system and the ability to use the keyboard and mouse.

Length of Course: Self-paced, average 12-18 hours per course

Required Text: Clackamas Community College custom courseware will be provided at the first class.

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

  1. Create a New Blank Database
    1. Start Access and Create a New Blank Database
    2. Add Records to a Table
    3. Rename Table Fields in Datasheet View
    4. Modify the Design of a Table
    5. Add a Second Table to a Database
    6. Print a Table
    7. Create and Use a Query
    8. Create and Use a Form
    9. Create and Print a Report
    10. Close and Save a Database
  2. Create a Database from a Template
    1. Create a Database Using a Template
    2. Organize Database Objects in the Navigation Pane
    3. Create a New Table in a Database Created with a Template
    4. View a Report and Print a Table in a Database Created with a Template
    5. Use the Access Help System

Chapter 2 Sort and Query a Database

  1. Sort and Query a Database
    1. Open an Existing Database
    2. Create Table Relationships
    3. Sort Records in a Table
    4. Create a Query in Design View
    5. Create a New Query from an Existing Query
    6. Sort Query Results
    7. Specify Criteria in a Query
  2. Create a Database Table from an Excel Spreadsheet and Create Complex Queries
    1. Create a New Table by Importing an Excel Spreadsheet
    2. Specify Numeric Criteria in a Query
    3. Use Compound Criteria
    4. Create a Query Based on More Than One Table
    5. Use Wildcards in a Query
    6. Use Calculated Fields in a Query
    7. Group Data and Calculate Statistics in a Query

Chapter 3 Forms, Filters, and Reports

  1. Create Forms to Enter and Display Data in a Database
    1. Create a Form
    2. Use a Form to Add and Delete Records
    3. Create a Form by Using the Form Wizard
    4. Modify a Form in Design View and in Layout View
    5. Filter Records
  2. Create Reports to Display Database Information
    1. Create a Report by Using the Report Tool
    2. Create a Report by Using the Blank Report Tool
    3. Create a Report by Using the Report Wizard
    4. Modify the Design of a Report
    5. Print a Report and Keep Data Together