Web Design & Development Specialist

Associate of Applied Science

First Year

CS-125H HTML & Website Design3
CS-140 Introduction to Operating Systems4
CS-150 Computer Technician Orientation3
ART-262 Digital Photography and Photo-Imaging3
CS-133S Introduction to JavaScript & Server-side Scripting3
CS-179 Networking I3
CS-195 Flash Web Development3
ART-225 Computer Graphics I3
CS-234P PHP/MySQL Web Development3
CS-240L Linux Administration4
CS-234A AJAX Web Development3
CS-135I Advanced Web Design with Dreamweaver3
CS-280 Computer Science CWE3
MTH-065 Algebra II4
WR-121 English Compostion3 - 4
-- ---- Human Relations Requirement
(Recommended: BA-285 or PSY-101)
3 - 4

Second Year

CS-135DB Microsoft Access3
CS-280 Computer Science CWE3
ART-226 Computer Graphics II3
WR-122 English Composition4
CS-240W Windows Desktop Administration3
CS-275 Database Design3
CS-280 Computer Science CWE3
WR-227 Technical Report Writing4
--- PE/Health --- PE/Health requirement1
CS-289 Web Server Administration4
CS-297W Website Capstone3
BA-103 Business Strategies for Computer Consultants3-4
ART-221 Flash Animation: Design & Techniques3
ART-227 Computer Graphics II3